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Who is NAN?

NAN is a collective of committed locals, activists, and development experts.

We have over a decade of grassroots experience in Thailand including tsunami relief, conservation, community-based tourism, education, and human rights.

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Urgent Cause

Moken Village Fire Relief

We are facilitating a Moken-led fund to address the most urgent needs of the community and the long term recovery process. Our support goes to our friends in the Moken village that suffered a devastating fire that destroyed 65 homes,...
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Andaman Center for Migrant Education

Migrant Education Program

The migrant education program serves a large population of Burmese migrant workers along the North...
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Build a New Moken Kabang Houseboat

  The last Kabang (traditional houseboat) in the Moken village on Koh Surin is over...
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Cultural Preservation for the Moken people in Koh Surin National Park

Moken Cultural Preservation

Our cultural preservation program helps to stop the marginalization of the unique group indigenous group...
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sustainable development and conservation initiatives in the North Andaman Coast

Sustainable Development

Help the North Andaman communities in Southern Thailand promote sustainable development and keep their culture...
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Tourism for Good with Andaman Discoveries

When you travel with Andaman Discoveries, you are directly supporting the causes of the North Andaman Network Foundation.

The award-winning tourism social enterprise donates 50% of its annual profit to support NAN’s activities. As we are an all-volunteer foundation, there is no salary cost and AD staff gives freely their time and energy to work towards the success of NAN.  

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